A tonic made from hornbeam is said to
relieve tiredness and exhaustion: just
what every parent of babies and toddlers
needs! Available in two stunning
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The beautiful bark and autumnal leaves of the hornbeam, known for relieving weariness. This wrap is available in two colourways - Autumn & Elderberry has the deep orange leaves of autumn a rich elderberry weft, whilst Wintersky & Elderberry has a blue warp that puts us in mind
of crisp December afternoons as the sun dips below the hills

  • 50% combed cotton
  • 50% cotton
  • 225 gsm

Hornbeam is also known as Ironwood, due to its incredibly hard wood. A tonic made from hornbeam is said to relieve tiredness and exhaustion. Its leaves were used to stop bleeding and to heal wounds. Hornbeam is still used today in Bach Flower Remedies to relieve tiredness and weariness: just what every parent of babies and toddlers needs!

Often confused with common beech, the bark of the hornbeam is pale grey with vertical markings, sometimes with a short, twisted trunk, which develops ridges with age. The leaves are a similar shape to beech leaves - oval, toothed and with pointed tips - but are more deeply-furrowed. They become orange to golden yellow before falling in autumn. Hornbeam is monoecious, meaning male and female catkins are found on the same tree. After pollination by wind, female catkins develop into papery, green winged fruits, known as samaras.

4 reviews for Hornbeam

  1. mrskatierose@icloud.com

    5 out of 5

    I love this wrap. The colours are what first drew me to it. I’d never met one in the flesh, so to speak and the combination of colours are stunning and quite unusual. I decided on a 4 and it’s not disappointed! So comfy in a ruck and kangaroo carry. I try to show both sides of the wrap as they are equally beautiful. It’s softening up nicely and it wraps easily, which is great as I’m still learning. I’m tempted to save my pennies for a 7!

  2. Carly_lemarechal@hotmail.com

    5 out of 5

    Hornbeam is one of the most beautiful wraps out there, and I especially love the winter colour way, the blue and purple really pop and just look stunning together. I’ll admit it was a little stiff when brand new but regular use got it beautifully soft. Shire use an amazing tight weave that makes their wraps supportive without being heavy and being easy care cotton. This is a wrap that is perfect for both my squish and my two year old. I don’t think you could make a better choice for a wrap to use every day

  3. Sallyfrog@hotmail.co.uk

    5 out of 5

    I borrowed a friend’s Hornbeam and it was great. Grippy and supportive and a beautiful design and colours.

  4. samanthapo@sky.com

    5 out of 5

    I’m using a hornbeam RS with my five month old and its fab. I love the winter colourway with the flash of yellow on the rail. It’s so comfortable and supportive for both of us. Saving up for a wrap!

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