Shire Slings offer woven wraps in the following sizes:Shire Slings Sizing

  • Size 7 (5.2m)
  • Size 6 (4.7m)
  • Size 5 (4.2m)
  • Size 4 (3.7m)
  • Shire shorty (3m)
  • Ring Slings (1.75m along shortest rail)
[/ticklist] We have cut your sling slightly longer to account for the natural shrinkage that will happen with the first wash. Which size is for you will depend on a number of factors: which tying method you are using, you and your baby’s sizes, and whether you prefer swishy ‘tails’ or a neat knot. Most people find that a size 6 is suitable for most tying methods, including 3 layer back and front carries. If you are petite or wish to use a carry with a single layer a shorter wrap might suit you better. If you are larger or would like some ‘tail swish’, then a bigger size may suit you better. We recommend you visit your local sling lending library or babywearing consultant to try a size out before you buy if you are unsure of the size you want. You can find a local sling lending library here and your local baby wearing consultants here and here