Russian dolls woven wrap 2

Russian Dolls

Russian Dolls - Apple and petrol

The Russian Dolls woven wrap is inspired by Spring, new life, mother love and family connections.

The two doll families depicted here represent our families; the stars and flowers are our children.

The Russian Doll story.

Matroyoshka or Russian nesting dolls were first made in 1890. Traditionally they are carved from a single piece of wood, just like families from the same grandmother. They usually contain no less than 5 dolls. The first Doll is female with the inner dolls being either sex. The final baby doll is a solid wooden shape.

Russian dolls woven wrap 2 Russian-Dolls-Ring-Sling russian dolls ring sling Russian dolls woven wrap 2 Russian dolls woven wrap banner Russian dolls woven wrap



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